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Tulia ISD's 1-to-the World Initiative

The first week of the 2013-2014 school year was a busy one at Tulia ISD. We jumped in and passed out devices to our students. This will be our first year to be a 1-to-1 District and we are so very proud of our students and teachers for taking this initiative and running with it!

This vision was started by the School Board about 2 years ago. They were on a mission to get Tulia ISD ahead of other school district with cutting technology. Dana Friel was hired a year later to head the 1-to-the World project. She quickly put together a committee consisting of teachers, administrators, parents, community members, board members, and students. They researched, debated, and discussed different devices and finally picked what they wanted. Dana took the proposal to the board at the December 2012 regular meeting and it was approved.

The bid process and purchasing process took way and we purchased devices for each campus. At Highland Elementary, a PreK-2nd grade campus, we purchased 4 iPad Minis for each classroom and re-purposed 29 iPad 2s and 3s we had around the district and passed those out to the teachers for their use. That makes a total of 5 iPads per classroom. At Swinburn Elementray, a 3rd-5th grade campus, we purchased Samsung Series 5 Google Chromebooks for every teacher and Samsung Series 3 Google Chromebooks for every student, these laptops stay on campus.  At Tulia Jr. High and Tulia High School we purchased the teachers Lenovo T430 Windows 8 laptops and each student received a Lenovo x131e Windows 8 Netbook. We also updated our wireless infrastructure and added approximately 90 Aerohive wireless access points throughout the district and doubled our bandwidth in the process. 

Our teachers have been through a lot of training on how to teach with the new devices in the classroom. They are doing a wonderful job of moving from a teacher centered learning environment and moving towards a student centered learning environment. 

If you walked through the halls of any Tulia school this time last year you would see a complete transformation this year. We are excited about the Initiative and we plan to grow from it and make our students more well rounded and ready for life after school.

Goal of the 1-to-the World Initiative: Tulia ISD's 1-to-the World goal is to provide every student with a device to connect them to the world, to level the playing field for ALL students regardless of economic situations, and create opportunities for innovative teaching and learning using 21st century technology.

By accomplishing this goal we will:
  • Create consumers of knowledge by expanding the classroom beyond the school walls.
  • Evolve curriculum and instructional methods.
  • Increase productivity, engagement, and achievement for students and teachers by changing the learning environment.
  • Demand collaboration and increase communication with all stakeholders.
  • Promote creativity in every child.
  • Create a student centered learning environment.
  • Provide a personalized learning environment for every student.
  • Develop our students into self-directed learners.
  • Build pathways to college and career readiness for all students.