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Laptop Info

Laptop Info


$50 per year Usage Fee is put in place to repair accidental damage on student laptops and chromebooks. Usage Fees may be paid in full, $25 per semester, or by other arrangements made between parents and campus administration. 

The family limit is $100. This covers all laptops assigned to students living in the same household.

The Laptop Usage Fee is necessary continue the One to the World program for the full 5 year cycle. This fee will cover the first accidental damage that occurs to the laptop or chromebook. Our technology department will complete the repairs in-house for the quickest repair turn-around.


Repairs will not be covered by the Usage Fee if damage is deemed intentional in any way. This includes theft, loss, intentional misuse, abuse, or neglect. Students and Parents will be required to pay full price of repairs if damage meets any of these descriptions. Please read the Parent/Student Handbook and all associated agreements to fully understand what is expected and required for the safety and security of student laptops.