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McBroom, Casey » Welcome to Tulia Junior High-Home of the Dobbers

Welcome to Tulia Junior High-Home of the Dobbers

As principal, I believe that all children require a caring environment that is safe and structured, an environment that allows and provides for individual and collective growth. Children who participate in their individual learning also impact their peers academically and socially. This caring culture is based on values that permeate all activities. Since each child is a unique individual, he has the right to learn in his or her own way to insure success. To this end instructional strategies such as differentiated learning, school wide enrichment, independent learning, and targeted supplemented instruction ensure the academic success of all students. It is also important to note as a community of learners, that maximizing our learning via collaborative learning is also critical to our overall success.

I understand the critical role parents and educators play in nurturing the whole child. We share the responsibility of fostering independent, open-minded learners who are connected to the world around them. I am proud to be an integral part of this supportive community.

The mission of Tulia ISD is to foster inquiry and innovation while preparing students to be active citizens and participants in a global community. Safety, security and instruction are key to your child's experience at Tulia Junior High. Our teachers and staff are committed to providing a comprehensive program that successfully addresses each of these elements. Creating a positive atmosphere and encouraging and matching our students' enthusiasm is important to me, and is a central factor in your child's success.
1. Increase accountability and achievement for all students
2. Provide appropriate curriculum and instruction to meet diverse student needs
3. Maintain 100% of academic core classes taught by highly qualified teachers
4. Provide a safe and orderly learning environment
5. Encourage effective/quality parent and community involvement

I am often asked: "Why did you want to work at junior high?" Without hesitation, I respond that this is a great campus, with great students and a caring staff. I believe that the junior high school years are the most pivotal in a child's educational career; I am honored to be able to lead this campus and enhance the experience for each and every child.