District Technology

Tulia ISD currently utilizes fiber (district owned and leased) to connect all campuses, administrative, and maintenance buildings.  This allows us to maintain gigabit connectivity district wide, which is managed from the main technology office.  At the technology office we prioritize all internet traffic using a layer 7 switch, separate traffic into VLANS by campus, and filter all traffic from connected devices (on network and remotely) to ensure efficient use of our 1Gbps (up/down) internet connection speed and ensure CIPA compliance.  Each campus is equipped with gigabit POE switches in every wiring closet, and wireless access points forming a wireless mesh network to blanket every campus.  Each campus also has a VoIP expander allowing IP telephony in every classroom and office.  Across the district we maintain computers or laptops for staff running Windows 10 or ChromeOS. Most classrooms also have a Smart interactive whiteboard or Cleartouch panel with a dedicated computer running Windows 10.   For security purposes we utilize RFID doorlocks, and security cameras throughout the district.

 We utilize physical and virtual servers running Windows Server for Active Directory, file storage, DNS, DHCP, and other specialized services.  These servers are backed up in real time using DFS, and then backed up on a schedule for disaster recovery purposes.  

Our 1-to-1 program currently consists managed Chromebooks for each student grades PK-12.  

We also use the entire G Suite for Education, which gives all students and staff unlimited cloud storage, e-mail, easy collaboration on projects, calendars, forms, and the ability to create personal websites.