School Board

School Board The school district is governed by a seven member board of Trustees. Five trustees are elected from single-member districts and two are elected at-large. They are elected for three-year terms. The board meets at the administration building at 300 N. Dallas Ave., at 6:30PM on the third Thursday of each month.  The public is invited to attend all board meetings. Persons who wish to address the board may do so during the time for public comments.  

Board Members:

 Eddie Subealdea - Board President

Place 2, Term began 5/2021, expires 5/2024,

Terry Murrell - Vice President

Place 4, Term began 5/2017, expires 5/2023,

Tori Marnell - Secretary

At-Large, Term began 5/2021, expires 5/2024,

William Fifer - Member

Place 3, Term began 5/2019, Ran unopposed 5/2022, expires 5/2025,

Monica Gomez - Member

At-Large, Term began 5/2021, expires 5/2024,

Ashley Ramirez - Member

Place 1, Term began (appointed 6/2018) Ran unopposed 5/2019 and 5/2022, expires 5/2025,

Tyson Willis - Member

Place 5, Term began 11/2020, expires 5/2023,