Special Education

Swisher Briscoe SSA

 Many Minds; One Mission! 

Swisher Briscoe is a Shared Service Arrangement for Special Education Services. The districts involved in this cooperative arrangement include Tulia ISD, Happy ISD, Kress ISD, and Silverton ISD.  Swisher Briscoe SSA employs the Director of Special Education, 3 Diagnosticians, A Behavior Specialist and Transition Coordinator,  2 Speech-Language Pathologists, a PEIMS secretary, and a Special Education Secretary. 

Mission Statement

Working in active partnerships with schools, agencies, parents, and students, Swisher Briscoe SSA will meet the needs of each student in the SSA in a timely manner following the Federal Framework and IDEA B.  Our focus in on student success as we encourage them to achieve academic skills and foster social and emotional development.  


Swisher-Briscoe SSA aspires to ensure all individuals with disabilities are academically proficient, gainfully employed and socially adjusted while continuing to improve academic results and postsecondary outcomes for students with special needs.  Our goal is for all students and children learn and grow in natural and inclusive environments with non-disabled peers.


  • Educational outcomes for students with disabilities replace procedural compliance as our primary focus.

  • Low expectations of the past are replaced with early intervention, individualized services, parent empowerment and accountability for results.

  • Students are supported in the least restrictive environment. 

  • Access to general education opportunities is the right of every student.

  • Participation and progress in the general curriculum is facilitated with the use of research-based academic, social and positive behavioral supports.



Please note that a request for a special education evaluation may be made verbally and does not need to be in writing.  Districts and charter schools must still comply with all federal prior written notice and procedural safeguard requirements and the requirements for identifying, locating, and evaluating children who are suspected of being a child with a disability and in need of special education. However, a verbal request does not require the district or charter school to respond within the 15-school-day timeline.


For more information you may call 806-995-2776 or fax 806-995-0557.

Significant disproportionate (SD Year 3) and upon review any revision of policies, practices, and procedures used in the identification or placement in particular education settings, including disciplinary removals are made.